Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dwarf LotR army (500pts) for sale

Hi guys,

Due to a lack of space in my window and the fact I don't have the time to play LotR anymore (too much new projects actually), my Dwarf army is for sale. All 36 models are in white metal and they are all painted and based. The army contains Balin, 2 captains, 1 standard bearer, 6 warriors with bows, 4 warriors with shields and hand weapon, 2 warriors with 2-handed weapons, 3 iron guards, 9 khazad guards, 1 stonethrower with crew (2) and captain and 2 vault warden teams.

The price for the army is € 360 + P&P and you get the Khazad-Dum army book for free.

If you're interested or have any question, send me an mail at: ct-s@ct-scenery.com
Of course, feel free to spread the message. Thanks!


  1. Good luck with the sale. I got rid of my own Dwarf army as well to fund the my EotD Ks pledge. TRy advertsing on the Lead Adventure's Forums they have a bazaar.

  2. Thanks Simon,

    Think I'll d that ;)


  3. Excellente peinture j'aime bien les terrains aussi , très bon travail .
    A bientôt
    Vincent ;)

  4. Nice painted army, it will be a shame to see it go...