Monday, February 18, 2013

Yuk and Yeren Krakenauer

Following up my little sci-fi project, I'm happy to present you Yuk and Yeren. These girls are twin sisters. Seperated since their birth, they had always the feeling to retrieving each other over the known solar systems. Yuk is a weapon specialist and her sister Yeren a well known hacker. Now they have found each other and form a deadly duo.

This is an illustration I made for Yuk. Photoshop work by X-tine.

Here's the miniature converted from an old Grenadier model.

Yeren is a hacker. She fires a hi-tech boomerang where's she clicks magneto-mines unto it. In a few turns, she can turn a battlefield into a devastating minefield. The mini is converted from an Escher model.

The sisters reunited

Sunday, February 10, 2013

"Good Guys" Blood Bowl Team

I did this team of good guys as a commission for a friend. Not really official, but it remembers the old Blood Bowl times when you could make a team out of different races as long as they were good-neutral or evil-neutral.

"Good Guys" team

Nbr.   position               cost        M   S  AG  AV       skills
0-16  Human lineman   50.000    6    3    3     8
0-2    Human blitzer      90.000    6    3    3     8        Block
0-6    Dwarf blocker      70.000    4    3    2     9        Block, Tackle, Thick skull
0-16  Elf lineman          60.000    6    3    4     7
0-2    Elf thrower          70.000     6    3    4    7         Pass

Reroll counter : 70.000

Friday, February 8, 2013

Mars Tryod

This is a project I promised myself for years: a sci-fi skirmish game set in a near future. The first part was to convert a few cool looking models.

The models were converted from GW 40k assassins using bits and pieces from the Tau range for a more "clean" hi-tech look.

As a start, we have the ultimate special forces from Mars : a three-men squad specialized in close assault, support and near protection.