Sunday, April 21, 2013

SotR demo at Erquelinnes - Belgium

We will be demonstrating a SotR game with our club Troll'N Roll on Sunday 9th of june 2013 at Erquelinnes, Belgium (close to the French border).

Nous serons présents le 09 juin 2013 à Erquelinnes (tout près de la frontière française) pour présenter avec notre club Troll'N Roll la règle de SotR.

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Underground Fantasy Football table

Told you guys I was very busy these last weeks. This BB-table was for a Dwarf team and comes with dug-outs, even with dice-rolling boxes. We couldn't miss the opportunity to try a game on it and we enjoyed it a lot (quiet difficult to focus completely on the game).


The game in itself was a confrontation between the Har' Ganeth Tigers and the Lunchbox Picknickers that ended on a score of 3 - 1, with a full dug-out full of KO's and injured in a typical Halfling manner. The pitch was invaded a couple of times, so the halves were quiet short. Don't think the little guys will progress to the finals this year...

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fantasy Football table : Heartbreakin' Field

Hi Folks,

Didn't post very much the last times due to a lot of commissions. One of these was a BB-table with the Heartbreakin' Field theme on it. Hope you like the result.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Troll'N Roll at Trolls & Légendes

As we were kindly invited by "Trolls & Légendes" (Belgium's most successful Fantasy Event), we took the opportunity to promote our Game Club Troll'N Roll.

We happily share our pictures with you guys. Enjoy and who knows... see you there in two years?!

 For the occasion we did a demonstration of "Secrets of the Third Reich".

Lurtz and Gandalf discussing the best strategy to adopt for the American troops.

We had a lot of curiosity for SotR and had to respond quiet a few questions about the game.

Dust Tactics were also present with their so cool miniatures.

A demo of Mordheim in full swing.

Taban Miniatures with Eden.

Confrontation is back !

An unexpected guest...

If you play against zombies, it's always nice to have Baron Samedi on your side.

Captain Jack and a young Barbossa.

Steampunk was the big trend this year.

The Troll'N Roll ladies. The costumes are designed by the lady on the left.

Finally, we like to give a big thanks to Olivier Joiris for the fantastic day at the event.
More info on Trolls & Légendes