Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Black Spot

To celebrate the 30.000 views, we had a little game of Alkemy. A good opportunity to try out those fantasy pirates from Confrontation and Tale of War. The scenario is based around "Treasure Island", where Blind Pew has to pass on the Black Spot to a designated enemy character (by making contact with that model). The opponent has to leave the opposite table edge or kill Blind Pew.

 Blind Pew and his cutthroats. He has the possibility to summon rats.

 Feylin and her Drune band. The Black Spot has to be given to her.

 The setting was a pirate den situated in an underground cave.

 The horned raider goes first to make an escape route for Feylin.

 More and more pirates join in as Feylin comes closer.

 She easily dodges out Blind Pew's cutthroats.

Close to passing on the Black Spot to her, Blind Pew is intercepted by the horned raider. A wounded pirate catches up with Feylin in the hope of killing her, but she proves to be far too resistant for these guys.