Friday, January 31, 2014

Inquisitor Warband

Hi guys,

The idea for an inquisitor warband for Necromunda has triggered me for some time. I always liked the looks and the variety of these models, and it seemed so cool to field a handful of these characters into the domes of the Underhive. The starting band is composed of an inquisitor, a rogue trader, a possessed, an acolyte and a Deathwatch space marine.

Hope you like it.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jade Triad table - tutorial

 We start with a drawing of the plan. The idea for these two 24"-square boards is to have a sluice canal. There's a lot of water on this table, but most of it will be playable. The rise terraces are counted as difficult ground. A lot of bridges and pontoons will be used and the models will be able to use little boats to move over the water.

We make sure everything is compatible with the other boards first. The boards can also be combined with the other edge as well.

Pieces of green foam are cut in the right shape. They are smoothed over with sandpaper before the stone designs are drawn into it with a pencil or biro.

After a few hours of work the stones are completed.

For the borders of the terraces a half-round shaped strip of blue foam is glued in place. Blue foam is a strong and flexible product, perfect for smaller details.

The shape of the terraces is done with a palette knife from a mix of filler plaster and PVA glue. The white glue makes your plaster much harder and avoids any crack formations or flakiness.

Edges are filled and flattened.

The frog faces are for filling the water in the sluice canals. They are made by pressing a little statue in plasticine a few times so you have different molds you can fill with dental plaster. Once glued in place, the painting can start with the undercoats, highlights and weathering effects.

The sluice doors and pontoons are made and painted separately and will be put in place once the water zones are varnished.

The undeep water for the rice terraces is made in trompe-l'oeil technique. They are varnished afterwards.

Cool details can be added, like a drawbridge for example.

As a final part, flocks and long grass are fixed in place. I also cut the CT-Scenery monkey statues for esthetics and to show the depth of the terraces.

 I hoped you liked the tutorial. Do not hesitate should you have any questions.

Jade Triad table

A few pictures of the Jade Triad table used for Alkemy demo games.
Pictures were taken at the Warhouse Games store, the WWBT club and Ta.Dé.Fig club.
A tutorial on how the board was made is on its way.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Dawn - Titan Hades Squad

Hi guys,

We're happy to continue working on the many facets of our home made sci-fi miniature skirmish game. We are proud to present you another faction from the Solar system: Titan. Models are old elite IP from GW. As for the simple conversion, I just chopped off that ugly edge from their lasgun and put a visor on it. Hope you enjoy.

Titan is one of the many moons of Saturn. The spontaneous birth of live on Titan started in parallel with the final judgement on earth. To the contrary of the actual appearances, the Ulsurians were the first race to set foot on the liveable moon and forestall humanity's colonization. The Ulsurian monks hosted the colonists welcome and forced them a convention to harmonize with a too fragile natural equilibrium.

For Titanids, this oasis of peace has to be protected at all costs. Over the generations a tenacious paranoia has been installed towards any possible threat and visitors are systematically discouraged by extremely severe admission conditions. The majority of the population lives in orbital stations around the moon under a stern birth control. Taking profit from this situation, the Titan government accommodated in secret research bases and military infrastructures. 

The dreaded elite special forces are called The Hades squads. Titan chooses only the best men from a difficult selection. The Hades squads are committed to many missions, including planetary defense, infiltration and anti-terrorism.