Friday, May 23, 2014

Texas Aggies go to war

In the setting of commemorations of the Memorial Day and the 70th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, a spectacle was offered last Friday at the Mardasson site, honoring the story of the "Aggies", the students of the Texas A&M university.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Bastogne War Museum

The doors of the renovated Bastogne War museum are finally open. A visit was definitely in order. Highly impressed (there is so much to see) I managed to take a few pictures. I can recommend you to go take a look for yourself if you have the opportunity.

Before the war

World wide economical depression
Avant guerre: La dépression économique touche le monde entier


The 1st civilian migration - 1940
L'exode civil de 1940

Denunciation mail
Lettre de dénonciation

The Battle of the Bulge

Second migration of civilians - 1944
Second exode civil -1944

Illustration by Jarbinet, author of the comic series "Airborne 44"
Illustration par Jarbinet, auteur de la série B.D. "Airborne 44" 



 An American soldier risked his life to get this teddy bear back to a little girl.
Un soldat Americain a risqué sa vie pour remettre cette peluche à une petite fille.


Civilians enduring the battle

People hiding and waiting in the basement during areal bombardments.
Des gens cherchant abri au sous-sol lors des bombardements.

Renée Lemaire "The Angel of Bastogne".
Renée Lemaire, l'infirmière surnommée "L'ange de Bastogne".

Fragment of poetry written by a German soldier on a class room board.
Fragment de poésie écrite par un soldat allemand.

After the batlle

Kids playing war.
Les enfants jouent à la guerre