Tuesday, July 31, 2012


 Did this some time ago as a commission for 40K, a lovely project. We did played a couple of games on it ; 40k with a friend at the local gaming club and my first SotR game with X-tine.  I'd never really shared the pictures, so here we go ! Hope you enjoy the ruined environment.





Monday, July 23, 2012

Prancing Pony Inn

This was a commission for a Lord of the Rings collector. It was made using the pictures of the movie and the wip from the Perry twins we saw in a WD some while ago. It took some time but it was fun to make.
Hope you enjoy.


Here you can see how it was made. Mostly foam-board, cardboard, blue foam and balsa wood.


Sunday, July 22, 2012


Tonight we'll finally watch the movie "The Thing" (2011) thanks to our game buddy Dirk, who brought us the DVD.
So here we are preparing for a night full of horror and tension...

In the meanwhile a few pictures of a dog-thing. Just to get in the mood ;-)



Jade Triad

Triade de Jade de Thib-0

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Act 2: Taranis Anger

At dawn, under a pale blue sky and a peculiar sharp odor of ozone, the Drunes came out of their shelter. Outside Corwyn the Hunchback was standing on top of a hill contemplating the flight of two raven. As his warriors joined him he spoke: "During the night, Taranis struck Duir, most sacred of trees for the Kelts, with his blasts of lightening. The area around echoes with his anger. We must go there for the land is fertilized with air mana."

That night, Orhain the Erudite had a dream. Lying on a dolmen, he saw a storm cloud forming in front of his eyes. He could feel electricity running around and inside him. As he tried to move, he found his body completely paralyzed. As he yelled loudly no sound came out. When he woke up, he and his warriors were at the Duir. The tree was destroyed but the land was rich with air mana.
As the Kelts start collecting the mana, they were surprised by the presence of a Horned Raider. Soon the other Drunes came and blood was spilled again. Orhain's enemy Corwyn collected mana after mana, leaving the Kelts in despair and forcing them to retreat.

Scenario setting: This scenario is suitable for any Fantasy game. A sacred tree was hit by lightning. As a result 9 Air mana tokens are dispersed and placed at 4" from each other and at 6" from the deployment zones. Bands are set up at 18" from each other. 

The objective: The first band who succeeds to obtain 5 Air mana by the end of a game-phase wins the story. To pick up one air token cost 1 complete action, except for the shamans who just can pick it up by moving over it.

The Duir. The hunter scouts ahead.

The Horned Raider's charge is dodged by the hunter.

Baal gets into the fray.

The Sessairs Centaur continues his devastation into the Drune ranks.

Critically wounded, the hunter gets a helping hand from a fellow warrior.

Gwahyr the Merciless initiates combat on the other flank. His blows will be fatal for both of the Sessairs, their mana now in his possession.

In a last desperate action, Orhain engages the hunchback.

The final dual between Orhain the Erudite and Corwyn the Hunchback. Despite of Taranis aid to the Kelts, the Drunes collect enough of the air mana to continue their corrupted quest for the domination of the elements.