Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Act 1: The Ritual at Struitem Aicdi

"The moon's color is changing from red to turquoise... but it stays full, meaning the gods are angry."

Corwyn the Hunchback and his clan have been traveling further along the coast line to the Stone circle at Struitem Aicdi, a remnant of the ancient gods of Avagddu. The Shaman's intention is to corrupt all seven stones by means of a dark ritual. Tension is high as they're being pursued by the Sessairs. The Mana pool of Water is the element Corwyn will be using for this performance.  

After consulting the intestines of a falcon to gain insight in Corwyn's purposes, Orhain the Erudite and his Kelts are discussing tactics.

As soon as he enters the circle, Corwyn initiates the ritual by entering in a deep state of meditation. One of the Manes stays close to him, while the other Drunes remain hidden in the woods nearby, expecting the Kelts to show up any time now. 

The Kelt Minotaur, determined to disturb Corwyn in his meditation, brutally enters the Stone circle and attacks the Mane, who's killed instantly.

The Formor Fiend now comes at Corwyn's aid. 
The Shaman, despite of the disturbance, succeeds to stay in state of trance and manages to corrupt four of the seven stones.

A Fianna reaches the circle.

The meanwhile critically wounded Formor Fiend stands against the frenzy Minotaur, gaining time. The rest of the Sessairs are closing in... 

The fight between the giants continues but it's too late for the Kelts. All seven monoliths are corrupted by Water mana.

Suddenly the region is hit by torrential rain... forcing the warriors to seek for shelter.


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