Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A journey to the Secret Language of Water (introduction)

An old prophecy tells of secret inscriptions in Ogham (commonly referred to as the Celtic Tree Alphabet), visible only under a full red moon once every 300 years on the edge of two monoliths, providing unlimited access to the elementary realm of Water.

 "Wisdom hides in secret places."

After years of study, Corwyn the Hunchback, the Drunes' Shaman, discovers the exact location of the monoliths and is about to take on the journey to Siniu Fedhaib, the oldest of woods, in the Nordic planes of Avagddu. But rumor of this reached Orhain the Erudite, apprentice shaman of the Sessairs. They are soon about to face each other in company of their warriors. Arch enemies, they once shared a common past related to an obscure mythology.

The monoliths are located at the coast nearby Siniu Fedhaib, in the forest of Caer Mna

"The ancestors walked the way before you."

 Corwyn the Hunchback, studying the Ogham carved on the edge of the monolith

The power of Ogham, also referred to as the "Dark Speech", represents a key to a gate of parallel knowledge, significations and associations. Only individuals familiar with a vast range of knowledge of secret references can interpret this profoundly magical and complex system of correspondences, as a mean of conveying esoteric wisdom among initiates.
Orhain the Erudite and a few of his warriors
During a brief but intense confrontation between both clans, Corwyn the Hunchback was able to read the enigmatic marks hidden for centuries. By doing so he connected with a universal pool of wisdom, a deep journey into the realm of the Water Element. From here, he returned to the members of his tribe with extra wisdom and a large pool of Water mana, one of the four elements, needed for the continuation of the Shaman's secret purposes. 

Citations and inspiration from "The Green Man Tree Oracle" by John Matthews & Will Worthington, a Connections Edition, 2008


  1. That looks so good, Confrontation really had a cool sculpting style to its miniatures.

  2. Rackham created great miniatures but Alkemy's game-system is much better in our opinion. The game plays 3 times faster with the same amount of detail. For example, you roll only once and you get 3 results (wound state, to hit, to damage). The combat uses the card-system where you can choose between 5 types of attack. Thibo came up with the idea to use the Rackham miniatures with the Alkemy game-system and it works very well!