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After closing down the web-shop for quite a while due to our moving from Brussels to province Luxembourg and being busy on other projects ever since, it has been a while since the CT-Scenery web-shop had a refreshment. Despite my limited skills for webdesign, I found my way back to the Dreamweaver program and cleaned up the site. In the coming months I'll be checking-out some web-shop programs with the intention to create a new and modern web-shop for CT-Scenery. 

In the meanwhile, you'll notice a few minor changes... the workbench for instance is no longer published on the site since we'll be using our blog for this. As for prices, except for the tabletops and sci-fi products, they remain the same. A few products are no longer available but can still be ordered in some cases (like the Fantasy village, one of the more popular products). The reason for this is us wanting to focus on creativity and the development of new projects for the future.

Actually we're brainstorming on a book on how to make scenery including detailed tutorials. Since it will be a one year plan, we'll be starting with a pdf of a few pages as a test (in a next post). Your advice will be more than welcome.

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last act (4): The Oracle of Fire

The closing of our mini campaign: The Oracle of Fire will be attacked by the malicious Drunes. The Kelts must do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

The Oracle: The Kelt player has the Oracle on his side. He has no magical power but can command the magical fires surrounding him. He can disperse a total of 8" to move the fire counters (8 in total) in any direction he wants but no fire counter can move no more than 3". If a model makes contact with a fire counter, he loses 1 wound level and is pushed back 1". Models may not pass through the magical fires, but they can jump over it.

The Drunes can extinguish the magical fires by using water mana. One water mana annihilates one fire counter in contact. Shamans and familiars can pass one or more water mana stones to a friendly model just by making contact.

The objective of the scenario: the Oracle of Fire.

Deployment: the Oracle is protected by kelt warriors functioning as bodyguards and a wall of magical fire. A Keltic archer stays in cover and will work as a sniper to anyone approaching the Oracle.

A group of Fiannas, the Danu warrior and the Kelt giant, supported by Orhain the Erudite form an advanced guard to protect the Oracle.

Taken by surprise by a Horned Raider's devastating charge, the rear left flank of the Kelts tries to recover itself and charges into the fray.

A lone Formor and Feylin charge the advanced guard hoping to cause maximum damage and create some diversion, but the Kelts stand their ground.

The horned raider finds himself engulfed in a three to one combat. Without the impetuosity of his cavalry charge, his situation becomes critical.

A wounded Feylin disengages the Kelts and jumps over a wall of fire, extinguishing a sacred flame with corrupted water mana in the process. Charging the Oracle, she wounds him in the action.

The Danu warrior transforms after several hits taken by the Giant. 

Boosted by the shamanic powers of Orhain, the Fiannas hold their position.

Due to the regenerating powers of the Soul Snatcher, the critically wounded Formor cannot win close combat with the Kelts and overcomes them.

A duel ensues between the two monstrous creatures.

The Oracle searches for safety in the stone circle.

It's Morgwen's turn to enter the battle. Overwhelmed by a feeling of revenge she attacks but quickly joins her sister in death.

The Oracle commands...

...the holy fires to protect his allies.

The battle of the titans continues as on their left, the Formor hears the screams of agony from the Soul Snatcher.

Exhausted, the Formor wins and pursues his mission.

Strongly positioned, the defenders regroup around the Oracle.

Surrounded by the magical fires the demonic Formor abandons its prey, leaving victory to the Kelts.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Week-end médiéval à La Roche (2ième partie)

Les dernières photos du week-end médiéval à La Roche.

Last update for this week as we will be busy in the coming days. Friday we have a Blood Bowl demo at the Troll'n Roll Game club in Messancy and on saturday we'll be heading for the Medieval Feast in Bouillon to see Prima Nocta, the judgement of a heretic, the castle guard etc... while tasting all kinds of artisanal products from the medieval market :-)

Dernier post de la semaine car nous serons occupés ce week-end. Vendredi, démo de BloodBowl au club Troll'n Roll de Messancy et le samedi nous seront présents aux fêtes médiévales de Bouillon pour ne pas manquer le concert de Prima Nocta, le jugement d'un hérétique, la garde du château et bien d'autres choses encore... par la même occasion, nous ne manquerons pas d'aller goûter les produits artisanaux du marché médiéval :-)

 The falconry spectacle
Le spectacle de la fauconnerie


 Compagnie de la Licorne

 La Compagnie de la Hure d'argent




The Ardennes December 1945.

"Terrifying rumors of civilians turned into ghouls, stories of incredible loss of time in the shrieking mist and evil creatures lurking in the shadows of the dark forests. The horror magnified by the sight of frozen corpses in foxholes reanimating at dawn as living dead. Soldiers on both sides called it the Ghostfront."

4 Sotr scenarios published before on the Westwind forum now in pdf format:

Part 1:

Part 2:

More horror is to come...

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fête Médiévale Bouillon (11-12 août)

 Rendez-vous ce samedi à la Fête Médiévale à Bouillon!
Sur le programme: le fabuleux groupe Prima Nocta, le jugement d'un hérétique, La garde du Château fort, Les Faunes, un marché médiéval et artisanal, ...
Au plaisir de vous rencontrer sur place!


X-Tine & Thib-0

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Week-end médiéval à La Roche: Prima Nocta (1ière partie)

Aujourd'hui nous nous sommes rendus aux ruines du château de La Roche-en-Ardenne pour les festivités médiévales qui y ont lieu pendant tout le week-end. Agréablement surpris par le bon son et la performance du groupe belge Prima Nocta, c'est un plaisir de partager les photos avec vous. 

Pleasantly surprised by the sound of the Belgian groupe Prima Nocta, which performed today at the Medieval weekend in La Roche, it's a pleasure to share these pictures with you.

Découvrez leur son:
Discover their sound: 

Leur site:


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Act 3 : Tresim Ruamna - The Pillar of Earth

After corrupting the elements of water and air, the Drunes continue their quest into the forest of Caër Mna. The new objective is a sacred pillar that can generate earth mana by the sacrifice of blood.

The scenario : Both gangs try to retrieve as much earth mana stones as they can. Due to the Pillar of Earth, every time a kill happens the blood of the victim is soaked into the ground and turns into an earth mana stone. If a warrior is killed close enough towards the pillar (12"), two earth mana stones are placed instead of one. Recuperating a stone costs one action, except for shamans who can just pass over to retrieve it.

Setting : The Kelts are ambushed and deployed first at 6" of the pillar (in the center of the table). The Drunes start at 18" from the center of the table.

Duration : 6 turns. The gang obtaining most mana stones wins the game.

The Formor engages the giant while counter-charged by the hunter. The slow Manes come closer to support their demonic ally.

On the other side, the fight starts in the streamlet. The Kelt warriors try to reach the Hunchback who's protected by the Karnaghs.

Strengthen by Kelt magic, the giant can stand his ground against the Formor.

Hit by poisonous arrows the lion cannot engage the Drune archer. At the last moment, a Mane charges the creature in the back and collects its life power in the form of an earth mana stone.

One Kelt warrior fell. Corwyn recuperates an earth mana stone where the warrior lost his blood and his life.

Back on the other side. The hunter dies in agony, sliced in two by the Formor weapon. The familiar honors his dead by picking up two mana stones.

The Soul Snatcher and the Mane come closer to the central fight.

More wounds are taken by the Kelts in the streamlet. The Danu warrior is close to transforming any time soon.

 The Drune Formor finishes the giant off and takes his attention towards the druid. He will kill the shaman and his familiar and collect the precious stones.

 A cunning Kelt warrior disengages and charges towards Corwyn. 


The Karnagh charges back to help his master.

The Danu warrior finally transforms

and goes for a deadly charge to finish the Drune shaman. This would not be enough for the Kelts as the fight ends in favor of the Drunes who recuperated more mana than their counterparts.