Wednesday, August 29, 2012


After closing down the web-shop for quite a while due to our moving from Brussels to province Luxembourg and being busy on other projects ever since, it has been a while since the CT-Scenery web-shop had a refreshment. Despite my limited skills for webdesign, I found my way back to the Dreamweaver program and cleaned up the site. In the coming months I'll be checking-out some web-shop programs with the intention to create a new and modern web-shop for CT-Scenery. 

In the meanwhile, you'll notice a few minor changes... the workbench for instance is no longer published on the site since we'll be using our blog for this. As for prices, except for the tabletops and sci-fi products, they remain the same. A few products are no longer available but can still be ordered in some cases (like the Fantasy village, one of the more popular products). The reason for this is us wanting to focus on creativity and the development of new projects for the future.

Actually we're brainstorming on a book on how to make scenery including detailed tutorials. Since it will be a one year plan, we'll be starting with a pdf of a few pages as a test (in a next post). Your advice will be more than welcome.

Thanks for reading,


  1. It all sounds rather good

  2. Super nouvelle donc! J'attends avec impatience de pouvoir enfin refaire des commandes auprès de vous ;D

    Un ancien(Fabrice)

  3. Merci Fab,
    Je te préviens tout de suite que le livre sera en anglais dans un premier temps (si ça fonctionne bien, on pensera à une traduction).

    ps : J'éspère que tout va pour le mieux de ton côté.