Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Last act (4): The Oracle of Fire

The closing of our mini campaign: The Oracle of Fire will be attacked by the malicious Drunes. The Kelts must do everything in their power to prevent this from happening.

The Oracle: The Kelt player has the Oracle on his side. He has no magical power but can command the magical fires surrounding him. He can disperse a total of 8" to move the fire counters (8 in total) in any direction he wants but no fire counter can move no more than 3". If a model makes contact with a fire counter, he loses 1 wound level and is pushed back 1". Models may not pass through the magical fires, but they can jump over it.

The Drunes can extinguish the magical fires by using water mana. One water mana annihilates one fire counter in contact. Shamans and familiars can pass one or more water mana stones to a friendly model just by making contact.

The objective of the scenario: the Oracle of Fire.

Deployment: the Oracle is protected by kelt warriors functioning as bodyguards and a wall of magical fire. A Keltic archer stays in cover and will work as a sniper to anyone approaching the Oracle.

A group of Fiannas, the Danu warrior and the Kelt giant, supported by Orhain the Erudite form an advanced guard to protect the Oracle.

Taken by surprise by a Horned Raider's devastating charge, the rear left flank of the Kelts tries to recover itself and charges into the fray.

A lone Formor and Feylin charge the advanced guard hoping to cause maximum damage and create some diversion, but the Kelts stand their ground.

The horned raider finds himself engulfed in a three to one combat. Without the impetuosity of his cavalry charge, his situation becomes critical.

A wounded Feylin disengages the Kelts and jumps over a wall of fire, extinguishing a sacred flame with corrupted water mana in the process. Charging the Oracle, she wounds him in the action.

The Danu warrior transforms after several hits taken by the Giant. 

Boosted by the shamanic powers of Orhain, the Fiannas hold their position.

Due to the regenerating powers of the Soul Snatcher, the critically wounded Formor cannot win close combat with the Kelts and overcomes them.

A duel ensues between the two monstrous creatures.

The Oracle searches for safety in the stone circle.

It's Morgwen's turn to enter the battle. Overwhelmed by a feeling of revenge she attacks but quickly joins her sister in death.

The Oracle commands...

...the holy fires to protect his allies.

The battle of the titans continues as on their left, the Formor hears the screams of agony from the Soul Snatcher.

Exhausted, the Formor wins and pursues his mission.

Strongly positioned, the defenders regroup around the Oracle.

Surrounded by the magical fires the demonic Formor abandons its prey, leaving victory to the Kelts.

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