Sunday, March 24, 2013

Dawn - Sonex models & concepts

A few months ago we recovered this sci-fi project from under the dust. Things being far from finished, we looked back into the stories, the drawings, the game and the minis... feeling this had been far too much fun to simply put aside. So recently we've been brainwashing and fantasizing how to bring it back to life. 

We love to use the blog to share a brief version of some of its concepts with you guys. 

5000 AD, Earth has become inhabitable but mankind persisted and spread over different planets and moons, interfering with many other races, one of them are the Sonex.

The Sonex do not belong in our space/time reality as we know it, although they are fully aware of it as a creative dimension. We as a human race are able to perceive only their creations, not the race itself, as they are formed purely of conscious non-materialized energy.

The Sonex being unable to manifest physically in our system, they developed a way to interact with our reality. Therefore an intermediate psychic hybrid race called Luhmians (see below) was created. Their "tools" are robotic forms of crystallized energy very tangible in our 3-dimensional reality. These constructions called Authomaths contain a crystal inside with great information storage capacity, which responds directly to the Luhmians' instructions. 

 Arachnobis (Automath)






Luhmians are extremely sensitive to human's unconscious psychic energy. They rarely show themselves to men and live in hidden underground Sonex facilities from where they operate.


Background & concepts by X-Tine & Thib-0
Drawing & miniature painting/conversion by Thib-0 

We would love to hear what you think so don't hesitate!