Sunday, November 24, 2013


After being completely thrashed with my Goliath gang, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try something different: Spyrers. I didn't want to go too flashy with the colors and opted for a single dark turquoise choice, witch in my opinion gives a more "special suit" effect and contrasts well with the typical gang look.

Thanks for watching :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Outpost 31 - sketches (first step)

Hi there,

These are the first sketches of a new upcomming "The Thing" project. This time it will be a fully completed board with interiors and underground. Watch this space ;)

Monday, November 11, 2013

Multiterrain Blood Bowl Box

Welcome back,

Another commission for Blood Bowl. This time, the idea was to create a box that could be folded into two parts with hinges. The game boards can then be easily slided inwards and interchanged with other boards. Perfect if you like themed terrains.

Cheers :) 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Falling into Hybrid

Nine months of horseback riding and only tree falls up till now... things weren't going too bad. But then this stallion called Euro I've been training with over the last week, loves bouncing and jumping around. We can't blame him, he's young and very eager to move and play. At the time I got on his back (last Sunday), he hadn't left his box in two days. So there we were trotting peacefully when all of a sudden Euro makes a jump and goes into fast speed. Losing my balance, I hit the ground only a few seconds later.

Now my moving is limited and quite painful but looking at things positively it gives me some time for the blog and read some excellent comic books (Aldebaran, Murena,...) and enjoy a Hybrid game with Thibo.

The scenario was about the inquisition trying to shut down the gestation tanks by deactivating the heart of the laboratory. Next they had to eliminate all produced clones.

   Thibo has a small advantage over me: Sparrow whispering game tactics into his ear.


Mortal combat in the heart of the laboratory. The assassins of the inquisition doing their deadly job in a devastating way.

  The flesh pestilences seemed to be hard to catch and to shoot at. On top of that the labo was swarmed by disgusting insects.

  The heart of the labo is finally deactivated. The hunt for hybrids can begin!

 And this is Euro with my riding instructor.