Sunday, April 14, 2013

Fantasy Football table : Heartbreakin' Field

Hi Folks,

Didn't post very much the last times due to a lot of commissions. One of these was a BB-table with the Heartbreakin' Field theme on it. Hope you like the result.


  1. This is really great work!

  2. That is great looking! I've been slowly working at my own BB pitch for a while now, and I have to ask: how do you achieve the little raised squares? It's a much better effect than painting lines on...

    1. Thanks Mattias,
      If your pitch is in foam this shouldn't be a problem. I do cut the lines diagonally into the foam with a cutter, 5mm on both sides of the original square line. Then I use sandpaper and sand it down to have the form of little cushions for every square. You can then apply sand and flock.

      Hope it will help.

    2. Thanks! It does! About how deep do you cut?

      I'll be sure to link you the results, when I finally have them.

    3. 3-4mm. Make sure the cutter is very sharp. A blunt blade pulls out the foam.


  3. Thanks to all for the motivating comments!