Monday, September 10, 2012

Pirate Gang : Characters

Captain Krill , his drunken brother Dyphter and the sea shaman. These guys are full off originality. I love the crab on Krill's hat, the fact that you have to paint a tattooed treasure map on mr. Dyphter's belly and the crazy kraken on the shaman. I still have to make some stats for them for the Alkemy rules but I think it won't take long...

As for the painting, I really like the illustration Paul Bonner made for the crew, they all had that human skin tone (I love goblins and orks with human flesh colors). Hope you like it.


  1. Those are some awesome looking miniatures! Great painting as well :-)

  2. Thanks mate. Always appreciated :)

  3. Cracking figures and paintjobs

  4. Mathieu van OvereemSeptember 17, 2012

    Nice to see Captain Krill again on a table ; )