Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Battles in the Underhive - Escape Route

This scenario represents a failed ambush attempt by the Burger Boys, where the defending Valkyries spot the ambush before the trap is set and try to escape through the opposite table edge (published in Gang War issue 5). Here are the highlights.

 Kira and her gangers spot a few muscled boys hidden in nearby ruins. They rush towards the exit point to leave the dome.

Kor Nedbeef lets speak his heavy stubber in the direction of the grouped enemies, hitting two ladies in the process.

Chuck Undips, the juve, crossfires the Eschers from behind. More girls hit the dust.

 Noamie and Anette try another escape route but are trapped by Freak Adle and his handflamer. A nasty surprise but the girls manage to avoid the flame burst in time.

 Some of the Valkyries used the ventilation shafts to enter the battle, they do not hesitate to rain down bullets from above on the Burger Boys. The ambushers turn to be ambushed.

 In the Underhive, one deadly shot can make the difference. Faye fires her shotgun loaded with man-killer shells towards Burger King. The gang leader doesn't survive this deadly hit. Seeing their leader falling from the walkways, the Boys bottle out as fast as they came.