Saturday, September 7, 2013

Cardgame Wolf Pack

Adobe Indesign is a great program to make flyers, banners, pages, ...
Way back in 2010, Thibo was developing a cardgame
just for fun based on the "Battle of the Atlantic", which inspired me to create the following tri-fold pocket leaflet and cards.

Dépliant et cartes créés avec Adobe Indesign pour un jeu de cartes basé sur la Bataille de l'Atlantique. 

 Tri-fold pocket leaflet (back)

      Tri-fold pocket leaflet (front)

Allies cards: 

As for the differences in the card borders, I did a few experiments according to strict requirements for printing. 

 Axis card:

The original paintings can be found here:

Thanks for taking a look. Any comments are welcome!


  1. Very nice - I've ordered the new U-boat game'The Hunters" from GMT and cant wait to get into it

  2. Thanks Paul, hope you enjoy The Hunters game.