Thursday, December 12, 2013

Necromunda AAR - The Raid - Escher vs Spyrers

After being completely thrashed in an ambush by the Eschers, we played a raid scenario where the infamous girls were the attackers. My Spyrers had to defend a generator that contained some archeotech. The skirmish was set in a dome that contained long shadows, enabling models to run and hide in the same turn. The Eschers also had two infiltrators in their gang, perfect to engage my sentries in a quick manner.

An infiltrated Anita charged the surprised Saïsha theYakara.  She could parry her assailant and survive the attack.

At the same time, another infiltration charge occurred.  Spirit, the Ratskin, also failed to win the engagement. Both sentries alerted, the alarm broke out.

On top of the central building, the Spyrers taking position.

On a lower level the fight continued. Anita will be put out of combat and left knocked out on the ground.

Renée, the Eschers heavy aimed and hit the objective with a frag missile, wounding the Yeld in the process. Luckily for him, he could take a blow and was only pinned. After the smoke cleared, the generator was unscathed.

 Nikita fired her lasgun to the coriaceous Yeld, but he took only a light wound.

Argus stood directly on his feet and returned fire. Under suppression, the Escher had to dive for cover.

Rihanna failed her bolter shots on the other side. Things were not going as predicted for the Eschers.

Kira, the gang leader, had went trough ventilation shafts and appeared on top of the central building.

Her automatic pistol shots did hit the Malcadon. Dodging for the bullets he did fall two storeys lower.
 Kira saw the rest of the Spyrer gang coming close for revenge. She did opt to live another day and fleed through the vents she came in, leaving the victory to the hunters from the Spyre.


  1. Great report, love to see the classics played. Spyers are tough to take on....looks like the Escher player saw things was not going well and it was time to bolt.

    1. Thanks Styx,

      It was like you said. Spyrers were getting closer to get the Escher gang leader, who preferred to let the skirmish go. The ladies are still big in this campaign with a 600 value more than the other gangs. More will follow. ;)


  2. Gosh this takes me back! Nice report and cool terrain.

    1. Thanks Scott,

      The good old days, isn't it?

      Cheers ;


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