Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things: Creatures

As a big fan of horror and especially "The Thing" from Carpenter, I always liked the idea of playing a game based on the movie. After having much fun converting the models, drawing some sketches of these monster-like creatures was in order.

Enjoy the gore !


 They are small extensions of the overspawn's consciousness but can still act independently in a primal instinctive manner. Created by the constantly changing deluges of the overspawn's mind, they serve primarily to spread the disease of the infection.


 When an imitation fails to conserve its infiltrated state it reveals itself as an absurd and twisted copy inspired by the previously absorbed creature. The virus distorts his own living cells and mutates the body in various perturbing forms. It carries the intelligence of the last imitated life form, mixed and disturbed by the overspawn's viral conscience.

Dog Imitation

 The virus can touch many life forms as long as it sustains blood. When infected blood cells turn into unnatural mutations, the animal transforms into a horrible and disgusting creature with enhanced predatory senses and instincts.


 Constantly tortured by overreacting mutating cells, the spawn is comparable to an organic vessel of ever growing flesh, cracking bones and spilled blood.

The Overspawn

 This is the ultimate "Things" creature. The materialization of all the recently absorbed lifeforms in one mutating towering mass, dominated by a cunning mind and driven by an insatiable hunger towards expansion. It telepathically controls its creations to infect all living blood cells.

The Imitation

 Through this recently infected body, the overspawn's mind observes intelligent lifeforms to infiltrate and absorb them, creating new imitations. It looks like the man next to you or it even could be you.

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