Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things: Setting

5153AD - Human Colony Fortuna III doesn't reply to any messages. A rescue pod from a nearby NES ship is sent over for investigation. Aboard are the pilot Mac Reedy, the recon squad and the maintenance team. The bad news starts with an ice-cyclone, catching the flying vessel and forcing it to crash. Without any severely wounded, the team moves further towards the colony where they find evidence of an alien creature that imitates, infects and eventually absorbs colonists. When one of the team members discovers the com-link destroyed, the tension rises. The creature has probably become one of them. Without any hope of rescue they try to stay alive as long as possible.

Mac Reedy, first pilot of the rescue pod is a unique individual with a strong survival instinct and a natural leadership over his companions. He's in charge of the other crew-members doing literally in their pants as paranoia reigns.

The Things are in a position to reveal themselves, but they need to be careful with this new prey, since these humans are getting organized.

Mac Reedy, the hero

Hendrickx fires at will on an approaching spawn, securing Blush behind her

Or not... ?

Things come out of the bar and press the survivors into a narrow position

Once a human gets absorbed by a thing, it becomes a changeling

The overspawn has been discovered

Hendrickx is in an awkward position

Hawkins fires her last bullets when the overspawn charges

To be continued...


  1. All of that looks amazing! Where is that terrain from, did you make it all?

    Wonderful photographs as well...

    1. Thanks and welcome aboard :)

      Here's my site :

  2. That's awesome... How do you think that terrain would work for 15mm? ;)

    1. Thanks.
      Except painting a few models in 15mm, it's not really my cup of tea.
      Maybe by cutting the global form from 4mm cardboard and by making the details in plasticard 1-2mm (these could take some time)?