Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Back into painting: the progress

Far from finished but slowly progressing: the painting of the two horned raiders. My purpose is to have them ready for a game, not to win a painting conquest.

What they still need are a few washes, especially the miniature at the left since I've been overdoing the highlights there a bit. As for the shields, I decided not to go for the red hair like on the Rackham box, since I think it draws too much attention, preferring a more greyish graveyard color.

Although under Thibo's influence (sitting next to me painting his minis for Hybrid), I stubbornly kept faithful to my feeling. He did gave me a few tips here and there. Since he already painted a first horned raider a few years ago, I had to take this into account, so that the three raider models would make a perfect match.

I truly enjoy seeing them come to live. The next miniature on my painting-list is going to be a Rackham Devourer of Vile-Tis.



  1. Very nice they are to sir! Look forward to seeing the finished pj

  2. Thanks Brummie! Just one small detail: there is not much "sir" about me ;-)