Sunday, October 7, 2012

Undead Blood Bowl table

I always wanted to make a very specialized tabletop for BloodBowl. The opportunity came with a commission for a graveyard-themed fantasy football field for a necromantic team. The idea was to achieve an abandoned feel with ruined crypts who serve as dug-outs.

I really enjoyed this project, that was filled with a lot of extra details. You'll notice that not everything is glued in place for transport facility. Hope you enjoy as well.


  1. Wow that looks fantastic well done mate

  2. Thanks mate. Always appreciated :) Hope there's a new crazy BB project coming soon. Always wanted to make an underground Dwarf BB field some time (like in the computer game). I cross my fingers :p

    Next project will be an underworld table for Fanticide, also finishing the abbey for ct-S... a lot of work...