Sunday, October 21, 2012

Starting an Escher gang

Some time ago, we had seen some nice painted Escher models on the "Tale of Painters" blog. This remembered the great times we had with the Necromunda game and the idea came to start a new campaign. We opened our models-box in search of our old gangs. Looking at them, we concluded that a repaint was absolutely needed and a little bit of conversion. Here's the final result for the first three. Hope you like them.



  1. Great work , as always
    Captain Lol

  2. Very nice the Escher figs where amongst my favourite Necro figs, I live the running pose on the shotgun chick a very subtle conversion

  3. Thanks guys,

    @Brummie : Yep, imo the eschers are still one of GW's better sculpts. The figs are in lead (no white metal) and are easy to bend in a more dynamic pose.