Monday, May 28, 2012

Badlandz Blitz Boyz vs Sulphur Soulfires

Let's tune in with Bob and Jim for the highlights of today's bowl-game.

- We're only a few minutes into play and some players are already hitting ground!
- Indeed, Bob. The Boyz are creating an opening along the sideline while Bjorgn Bork uses the "not get out of his hands" strategy.
- I'm seeing a lot of activity on the counter-offense with Andy Thrax infiltrating the ork line!
- Absolutely. He blocks Bork on the 45 yard line and picks up the ball. That's a good sign for the Soulfires.

- He's gotten it done ! A touchdown run of an amazing 45 yards.

- Look, Ramon gets company. Babek is now being double-teamed. Will he manage to break out?
- Ramon's good Jim. At least on paper.
- Not this time Bob. He hits the ground and is taken out of the pitch.

- The ball is yet on the ground. The orks have the initiative.
- There's no way to simulate the pressure of this situation. Let's see if Babek goes for the ball?!

- Yes he does. He's breaking through!

- Babek is now running for the goal...
- Pursued by nr. 9, John Cabella!
- He scores!
- He's got away with it once more Jim! Babek, all the way!
- 1-1 is the score on half-time. We're in for a break now.

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- The start of the second half is interrupted by the WAGs of both teams, there seems to be a fight going on.
- Rugoth Panzer (he's coach and player ; Ndr) yesterday denied speculation that the presence of his team's WAGs had cost the team victory last season.
- They are a distraction there's no doubt about that.

- Twenty minutes into second half-time. The Soulfires are in defense.
- The ball is thrown by Lenny Malvitch in the direction of Cabella.
- The ball is intercepted, Bob ! Hidden behind Roguth Panzer, Bork emerges to intercept Malvitch's throw.
- What a fantastic play and still one minute to go. 
- He goes a 10 yards all by himself an... he's looking for the free man.

- And he finds him ! Bork attempts a short pass towards Babek who's gotten loose from the main human defense line.
- The ball goes straight into his hands! He's running for the end-line for the last 30 yards and only 30 seconds to play!

- Unbelievable! Bravo Babek.
- You gotta be kidding me! Louison Babek now has three touchdowns on his personal record. That makes him the leading scorer and catcher of the season.
- Yes, Bob. He will be the player to keep an eye on.

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