Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Future Center of WWII Memories (2): Hit by lightning!

Last Sunday The Historical Center of Bastogne (Future Center of WWII Memories), currently under transformation, was hit by lightning. According to the newspapers fire broke out causing damage to the frame of one of the 5 arms of the star-shaped construction as well as to a recently renovated tank exposed nearby. I went to take a look myself yesterday and brought you a few pictures of the impact. Being there, I simply couldn't resist re-visiting the Memorial.

  The newspapers mentioned that the firemen of Bastogne came in time to prevent any serious damage. Indeed, it didn't look too bad.

The closest I could get.

The Historical Center should re-open this year but it looks like that there is still a lot of work to be done. 
Next to the Historical Center stands the Mardasson Memorial honoring the memory of the 76,890 American soldiers killed, wounded or missing in the Battle of the Bulge. It has the form of a five-pointed star (symbol of the American Army), each measuring 31m. The central atrium's diameter is 20m, with a height of op to 12m.

 From the top of the Memorial you have an impressive 360 degrees vision over the region.

The orientation tables: five scale models showing the stages of the battle.

 The Future Center of WWII Memories under a light fog.

Back on the ground: exposed on the outside walls are the main American divisions who participated in the battle. 



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