Saturday, May 5, 2012

Future Center of WWII Memories

It was in the newspapers about a year ago: The "Bastogne Historical Center" on the Mardasson site is to become the "Future Center of WWII Memories", the Belgian and European reference for the Battle of the Bulge and WWII. The opening is planned for later this year. We went to take a look to see how things are developing. 
 The American Memorial on the Mardasson Hill.

The Memorial is a silent witness of the recognition of the Belgian population to the American soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the Battle of the Bulge. Inaugurated in 1950 it stands for the friendship between the Belgian and American people.

The "Bastogne Historical Center" is being transformed into the "Center of World War II Memories" with an extra 1190 m² surface.

A last picture before the heavy rainfall. 



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