Thursday, May 17, 2012

Morlock Mavericks vs Badlandz Blitz Boyz

- Hi Jim !
- Hi Bob ! And welcome to all our fans who like real sports on this great evening of bloodshed !
- On tonight's bowl-game, we have the necromantic Undead from the Morlock Mavericks playing against the more experienced orky formation: the Badlandz Blitz Boyz.
- Yes, Bob. We're happy to see the Boyz again. Last year Rugoth's team ended second of the league, and we're sure they will do anything to get the title this season.
- We do hope for them. Tonight's bowl-game will have big consequences as both teams can take the lead of the FFL.

-  The teams are deployed and ready. The Undead start with a well executed kick-off. The right flank of the Orks is already under pressure from the Mavericks as ork thrower Bjorgn Bork catches the ball.
-  He's just so good at this.

- The defensive line is broken thanks to an awesome blitz from Barry Wight. Bork is tasting grass as he loses the ball. It goes straight into the hands of the undead wight. What a block !
- Indeed, Jim. A great hit on the 28 yard line. The ork defense wasn't prepared for this. Can they overcome this?

- Barry Wight dodges the Boyz easily. He brings in the pass towards Jean-Jaques Ghoulman, who progresses by 30 yards and...  Touchdown !  The Mavericks take the lead by a 1 - 0 score.
- He's gotten it done! Well played Barry!

- Lets see how the Boyz will react. Barry Wight takes a rock on his head and is hitting the ground. The defense line of the Mavericks is put under pressure now. Louison Babek, well protected by a wall of orks, is the only goblin on the pitch tonight... He runs the ball.
- Bergbones, with Babek behind him, is causing a lot of damage in the Maverick ranks. Will the troll throw his teammate as he transmits the ball?

- It's only goblin bluff, my dear Bob. Babek is going for it and scores the equalizing touchdown, running for 50 yards, all by himself !
- Amazing run, Jim. Just before half-time.
- Mavericks 1 - Blitz Boyz 1
- Thanks, Jim. We're coming back after a few commercials.

"A new taste of rotten..."
The freshness of death..."
"Ghouly-Wood Chewing-Gum !"
 "Gordo Ramsey, the Halfling master cook, is back !"
"Have your favorite snack while watching your favorite team!"

- Welcome back. The second half starts very fast with an undead breakthrough on the right side. Nutcracker is going down, double-teamed by the Goldberg brothers. They are forming a cage around Jean-Jaques Ghoulman who runs smoothly into the pocket. He's doing a pretty nice job there.
- It looks like the Boyz are closing in. Ghoulman is going down after a brutal head to head contact on the 20 yard line.
- Absolutely, Bob. The Orks are big, tough and physical. When you run on the side line, you don't want to meet up with these guys.

- Gorf Shellbreaker picks up the ball and throws it towards Babek...

- That's an incomplete pass ! Not even close !
- Indeed, Jim. The ball rebounds in the direction of Bergbones. The troll's biggest asset this season is not to go stupid.
- Well... he does.
- We see a lot of confusion in the middle as no team can maintain the ball. This is one of these weird situations with only a few seconds left.
- The referee blows the final whistle... The score ends in a tie between both teams !
- Thanks, Jim. See you all next week for a new game and the continuation of the league.


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